Welding Services

Barrier Group is a CSA W47.1 Division 2 welding company. Welders are ASME IX qualified and are also credentialed to weld to CSAZ662.

All welding activities are conducted using welding quality manuals, forms and ITPs.Barrier Group can also supply welding inspector training at the request of the client.

  • Welding Services Include
  • In-line Inspection Support Include
Pipeline Construction Alberta
  • Pipe Replacement
  • Tie-ins
  • Tethers and Free Swims
  • Launchers and Receivers
  • Reconnects
  • Meter Stations
  • Reinforcement Sleeves
Pipeline Construction Alberta
  • Support ILI Crews during Tethers and Free Swims
  • Install and remove Launcher and Receiver Barrels
  • Cleaning and Transportation of ILI Tools
  • Transportation and Disposal of Pipeline Debris
  • Hot Shot and Trucking Services