The Barrier Group and Baseball

The Barrier Group and Baseball

In 2023, the Barrier Group proudly sponsored the Pixie Pirates girls' baseball teams, Ages 9-10 and Ages 11-12, as part of our Community Engagement Initiative. This sponsorship played a pivotal role in history as the Pixie Pirates became the inaugural all-girls teams to participate in the Alberta Little League Provincial Tournament, breaking barriers and paving the way for gender inclusivity in the sport.

Thanks to the backing from Barrier, a select group of these exceptional young athletes earned a coveted invitation to compete in an exhibition game. This special event was not just any game; it was broadcast live on national television from Regina, Saskatchewan, as part of the prestigious Little League National Championship. Their participation on this grand stage not only showcased their talent but also highlighted the Barrier Group's commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting diversity in sports.

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