Indigenous Engagement


  • Barrier Shield - Feather

    Barrier Aboriginal/Indigenous Policy

    • Barrier Group is committed to engaging in and maintaining positive, long term, trusting relationships with Aboriginal communities from where we operate. 
    • Respecting Aboriginal connection to the Land, Spiritual, and Cultural sites lays at the heart of Barrier's Aboriginal Engagement Policy.
  • CCAB - logo

    Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business Membership

      • Barrier is a member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
      • Our mission is to promote, strengthen, and enhance Indigenous relations & economic outlook via fostering business relationships, opportunities, and awareness between Barrier and CCAB members.
  • NAIT - Scholarship

    Barrier NAIT Scholarship Program

      • Barrier is pleased to offer a dedicated Annual Scholarship for Aboriginal / Indigenous Students to attend NAIT's School of Skilled Trades.
      • NAIT's School of Skilled Trades is a leading training provider to students in apprenticeship or pre-employment certificate/diploma programs. For more information please contact NAIT's Student Service Centre.
  • First Nations IVP

    Aboriginal / Indigenous Ventures & Partnerships

      • The Barrier Group hopes to promote, strengthen and enhance prosperous First Nations relations through the fostering of business relationships, opportunities and awareness via CCAB members.
      • Company leadership, with input from the First Nations community, have identified economic initiatives as the cornerstones to socio-economic growth.
      • To learn more about First Nations business initiatives and partnerships with Barrier, please contact Scott MacLeod, Vice President, Business Development.